Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We are having some great times!

Friday was our first really big event: MLC. This is Mission Leadership Council. It's for the 60 or so AMAZING Sisters and Elders who lead and teach and serve and testify so valiantly in the leadership positions here! This includes senior missionary couples whom we treasure! We rolled out the doctrine of being consecrated missionaries, then went on from there with President Dahle leading a counsel session on revelation, counseling with our councils and repentance. The APs taught masterfully about accountability and some methods of teaching. This went for four hours in an un-air-conditioned building. I saw not one nodding head or break in concentrated effort to learn. There was so much solid discussion. I stand all amazed at these youth in latter days!!! Who are they?!! The elect from all corners of the earth, and this is happening all over the earth...the greatest message of hope for our world that we could ever proclaim! In the next six weeks twenty of our wonderful missionaries will leave us for their homes, and I cannot mourn it. When I think of the power that will scatter to home wards, branches and families everywhere I know this great work will magnify and multiply exponentially! What a great plan we are all part of!

The preparations surrounding the meal after included a trip to the open air market for fruits and vegetables to be served with the pizza we ordered and the root beer floats to finish. Happy Fourth of July! We had most valuable help from a darling ward member who has lent a hand here in years past with the cooking for these big events. For a clueless North American who hasn't really figured out her stove yet, this woman was heaven sent! She knows what to do with the bathtub rice cooker! Miracle in these latter days! Our mission home was full for a few hours after with this happy group. We adore these on-loan sons and daughters!

Saturday I decided to make it a special day to get ready for Sunday! If felt good to do some normal work and begin to feel a little more at home here. I was keeping my eye out for some of our little four-legged house helps, (lizards), but then I rendered one homeless when I cleaned out an abandoned three hole punch in the back of a cupboard. He had set up housekeeping amongst the little round paper pieces. He was discovered as I held the contraption over the garbage and took off the bottom rubber piece to empty it. The poor fellow glanced off the edge of the can and hit the floor running for cover. It was good for a scream. I hope he forgives and finds another cozy flat.

We bore our testimony in Tagalog. I mostly read mine and the President mostly didn't. The members and investigators are appreciative of our efforts.

Did I say that we go out driving on our own? I haven't been behind the wheel yet, but President Dahle has taken to it joyfully. There is really only one hapless motorcycle rider who is lucky to be alive today as a result. It was his own recklessness - passing on the right when our big white car was blinking right while turning right into our very own driveway! No dings! He didn't even tip over, just had a little excitement dodging into the gutter. :)

We've driven to the north into farming territory. It is picturesque! We've seen the farmer riding on his water buffalo and workers in the rice paddy. The Philippino people are beautiful!

President and Sister Dahle