Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Earthquakes in diverse places!

Dear Family and Friends!

The scriptures foretell earthquakes in diverse places, which in most minds means, "Anywhere but here! Not to me!" That, dear ones, has changed. At 3:30 am on Sunday morning we were jostled awake by a little tremor that lasted no more than about 20 seconds. 5.8 on the scale. When we checked on the internet, that site placed a star at the epicenter...right here! Probably so inconsequential that your news didn't even mention it. That's the way we like it! 

When we were set apart, Elder Oaks mentioned that the Philippines has a penchant for natural disasters, but that it had been awhile since there had been much in our part of the islands. 
"So you are probably due! Hahaha!" Shhhhh. Not in front of our mothers! :-) 

In other breaking news, our Christmas package and cards came! We were like kids! The package was full of photos of grandchildren, their original fine art, lovely letters written in variegated crayon complete with illustrations! There were kindest sentiments from their parents. And a stack of twelve envelopes, one to open each Fast Sunday for 2015. And presents! Spoiled much?! Thank you sweet family for remembering us in this way! What a lot of effort for you, and what joy it will give us all year.  Several others braved the spelling out of our ridiculously challenging address on Christmas cards. We inhaled your encouraging words and the news of your families. Not to forget the e-cards that came before Christmas, as well. Thank you all!

We spread it all out and feasted our hearts.
It has been a hospital week. Those are the hardest. We ended up taking this adorable Sister to the Missionary Recovery Center, which is located across the street from the temple in Manila. We were feeling bleak about her prospects of getting well enough to come back to us. Biking accident and some nerve trouble. But, today we had the news that her foot has awakened and has decided to serve as a foot again! We will have her back by the weekend! Rejoice! Miracle! Christmas continues!

The weather outside is delightful. High of 90, low of 72.

There is a tiny branch out in Bagoc that has been hanging on like the last leaf. President decided to put an ambitious pair of missionaries there and suggested to the Branch President that he call one as his counselor and the other as his clerk. They have been tearing it up and are having a blast! From the original active twenty or so, they report that last week there were over fifty at church and they separated during the third hour for the auxiliaries for the first time in years!  Best fun ever! We are in the business of building branches. Finding the less active who have once felt the fire of testimony and inviting their return. Teaching part member families. Looking for new investigators who are ready, and pointing all to the temple. 

We have also had the completely joyous news that another senior couple has been assigned to our mission! High kicks and high fives! We have been praying for this. We will have the Gardners and the Woods by the end of March! 

Can you sense that we are being blessed so greatly? He is doing His work!

With love,

President and Sister Dahle

Follow-up Training. Just look at them!

Anybody want to guess what they are doing?


Fast Food. Pick a pot, any pot!

Traveling basket shop. We've heard a person can sleep inside there! 
Planning a shopping excursion! Don't they look fun?!

Double decker pig bus. I imagine they pay extra for the up top. 

Trip to Manila:
Safety factor? Minus 67!! Those are plates of glass he's steadying. 
Bet he'll be a little quicker to call shotgun next time. 

Another hazardous job!

Please pass the butter! Somehow we can  all fit, although it can be harrowing. 

The lane lines are more like guidelines!

Treated to an amazing sunset on the way home!