Monday, November 17, 2014

That's what it's all about!

Dear Ones!

Sometimes I like to do a warm-up paragraph or two before the main breaking news story, but not today! Last Friday we had the greatest blessing, with the help of our amazing office couple, the Gorringes, to transport a family of ten to the Manila temple for endowments and sealings! The head of the household is one of the branch presidents who had not yet been to the temple.  President Dahle talked with him and invited him to get himself and his family ready, gave the date of November 14, and said that we would be the ones to take them there. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!  Mom and Dad, and their two adult, married children and spouses were endowed and sealed. One couple has an 18 month old little boy that joined us in the sealing room in all of his adorableness! And at last, the three teenaged children of the patriarch and matriarch came in together and joined with the rest of their family to be sealed altogether. No need for me to tell any more about the experience, except to say that it was beautiful. And, that it was the culmination of missionary efforts from many over the years. We are all enlisted! Yesterday we were out in Bagac working with our Elders there, when President Dahle brought out the picture of them at the temple on his phone to invite that family to also prepare. One Elder got a close look and spotted their daughter-in-law that he had taught the gospel to when he was a brand new missionary in a completely different part of the mission. He was so excited to see her there! Pure joy.

As we finished yesterday in Bagac we walked the few steps to waters edge and watched a fishing boat as many hands hoisted it onto the beach, then gathered around to get their two fish each as thanks for their labor. Fascinating to get up close momentarily to the daily works and walks of their lives. The fishermen were happy and friendly, even shared a fish with our Elder, who then shared it with a member sister who's house bordered the pathway back to the street. 

Today our world's pace has slowed. It feels odd! President has crashed in a long overdue nap, again proof that Heavenly Father is so kind. I voiced my concern over this stillness and before he put his head on the pillow he smiled and said, "Just wait". 

It's raining! Exception rather than the rule these days.

Another chapter in the lizard saga: Friday morning as we were driving down the road a member of the teenage-danger-seeking-lizard-club landed skillfully on the driver's side window! He was so cool! Made his way boldly down to the ledge where the glass goes into the door, then faced the wind to get the full view of his travels. After he had seen enough he executed a perfect dismount into the air. Wow! Who was that green guy? 

We love you!
President and Sister Dahle

Harvest continues along with crop 2 planting

New crop in more ways than one