Saturday, September 27, 2014

On we go to conquer the foe! (also a shout out for the Cougs)

Dearest Ones,
     We are at the conclusion of our second transfer. We loved meeting our new arrivals! Wahoo! President Dahle should be bleary eyed and tipping over for the amount of sleep he hasn't had, and the learning curve he has been climbing. Oh my. There aren't any tutorials for creating, realigning, transferring, calling, and releasing in the zones and districts and the missionaries who inhabit them.  We are serious enrollees in the 'school of hard knocks and learn as you go.' Everything still feels like ground work, but I think we might be having some fun! 
     Last week we traveled to the very southernmost area of our mission and we were so delighted with what we found! Mariveles is a coastal town at the very bottom of the Bataan Peninsula and according to four great Elders who would know, you can see the lights of Manilla across the bay at night. The city is flavorful in a lovely way, and the geography is breathtaking. The sun was shining! Hasn't anyone decided to come yet?! ;)
     In other areas, President interviewed a new Elder and his trainer at the edge of the sea, sitting on poles arranged for the purpose of holding a small absent fishing boat. And a later interview, at a chapel across the street from an ice cream shop who's sign provided me, with the help of other waiting Elders, a good Tagalog lesson.

     The very best sight was, you guessed it; our own missionaries! We are learning where they live, where they walk and how they are doing. Our happiest days are those spent out seeing them and serving with them!    
      Another heartening fact: the youth members here are going out on missions in droves! Do you know what that means for the future of this part of Zion? And today we sent five of our own back out to help bring forth real growth in the church right here in the Philippines. We hope they see their future as bright and filled with purpose.

Larry is that you?
     Wildlife update: Since we came here there has been this rather loud croaking noise at night that sounds like its coming from our aircon unit at the top of the stairway. Only slightly disturbing.  Today we have learned by a telling that its a LARGE gecko. When it jumps on you, it uses its sticky feet to hang on and you can hardly get it off! But don't worry it's not dangerous. Ummm. Lets hope it stays in the outside part of the aircon eating insects and cockroaches, and doesn't waste its valuable time coming inside where I hope there are none of the above. Our wonderful lizards are doing a fine job and don't need any help!  I hope there will never be a picture of him! 
With love,

President and Sister Dahle

The yellow up the side of the road is rice that has been spread out to dry!