Monday, August 18, 2014

Seven Weeks

Look at that sky!
Dear Family and Friends,

It really has been seven weeks! We have come to the point where we can't blame our newness for our faux pas. I have decided to try to shed the crazy-lady-being-bulldozed-image for the I-am-a-competent-person-somewhere-deep-inside-image. I hope it goes better than the time just after President Dahle was called to be the Stake President down at BYU. I made a similar commitment thinking the wife of the Stake President should have a more composed mature image, until the opening social luau where we were invited to the stage to do the hula. I blew that one from the get go. :-/

Last Saturday the Olongapo District held a cultural night that was partly to welcome the new mission president and his wife. They are so kind and gracious to us! It was over the top fun! There were Filipino costumed dances performed by the Relief Society Sisters, the young adults, the youth and the primary! There was a short video clip touting the attractions of the Philippine Islands. There is a popular saying: "Everything is more fun in the Philippines!" After Saturday night's event I would definitely want to come if I wasn't here already! At the end we got to stand and give extemporaneous closing remarks (President Dahle is SO GOOD at this!) then have our picture taken repeatedly with various members/performers. A meal of two kinds of rice noodles with mix-ins and toppings and a rice based dessert was served. It was delicious!

President Dahle has called counselors and a clerk, bringing a great sense of relief for him. He has been packing a great burden, and feels enormous gratitude for the prepared and steady men that will carry the load with him. He has really relied on inspiration for these callings. They are all Filipino leaders.
We shouldn't tailgate this guy!
Two nights ago our phone rang at 3:30 am with the anxious news that one of our Sister missionaries was probably having an appendicitis attack. Our completely competent STLs (sister training leaders) up in that area had already taken her by way of jeepney to an urgent care type facility. They were over an hour away from us, and needed to go to a real hospital quickly. How blessed we were that our wonderful Senior Couple, the Whites, were close-by. They brought her and her companion down to our hospital here at the base, then stayed with her through the whole process of getting a diagnosis and a plan in place for her care. I cannot overstate the blessing our senior couples are to us and our missionaries in a huge variety of ways! Thank you in advance to all of you who are preparing to join us here or to serve in other missions. You will be a GREAT blessing wherever you go.

There was loud and wild rustling in the garbage can last night! Lilly or Larry, whichever it is, is terrible at hide and seek.

FHE here tonight for one family and their missionaries, the assistants to the president. We won't be needing the bathtub rice cooker this time. :) We hope this will help them feel the spirit and give a chance to resolve some of their concerns.

We are doing well! Thank you for your constant prayers for us. We know you include our missionaries, their investigators and the saints as well. It is making a difference! The church is growing here as we all try to do our part.

With so much love,

President and Sister Dahle

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sister Mercy had just organized the missionary linen closet...including the extra drapes on the top!

Youth Cultural Show