Monday, December 8, 2014

Storm Watch

Dearest Friends and Family!

Hello from your less local weather report! Maybe you haven't really been looking at it, but we surely have! This is the single most stressful time I have seen for President Dahle. Ruby has hardly completed a twirl (not a real meteorological term) without him knowing about it. We worked hard and fast Saturday morning to analyze every corner of our vineyard and get a safety plan of action in place. President Dahle's counselors who are natives, conference called with us, the office staff, and the Winters. and CNN did their part. For a day it looked like we would be on the outer fringes. This morning it sashayed to the right, and the go button has been pressed! The suspenseful rest of the story will be the first topic in next week's email. Hopefully there will be little to tell.

Between two appointments an hour and a half drive apart, we spied 15 minutes unspoken for! President aimed for the sunset at a nearby beach and buried the to speak. We grabbed our trusty cooler containing a makeshift picnic and jumped out of our van with intent to sink the sun in the West Philippine Sea! As we hastened across the street we saw four gentlemen just WAITING for us; ok, they were sitting together shooting the cool evening breeze. We had a great visit! We have been invited back to that historic of the Bloodless Battle, for it's 70th year anniversary celebration. One of our new friends was four years old at the time, and remembers some surrounding events. They have kids, grandkids or neighbors who are Mormons, one grandson currently serving a mission, but none of them, as yet, have given it a chance. We will send the missionaries! And try again another day for the picnic.

New friends found near the beach. 

We have one black lizard (Stealth Man)! We caught him behind the garbage can with a pink lizard! Date night? They both ran like the wind. When the can was emptied and returned there was discovered another clinging to the same back side! Then, what to our wondering eyes did appear, when last night we opened a cupboard door and one nearly fell smack in the middle of my peanut butter and honey! I wonder if it was the same one that scampered across my finger tips last week? GOOD NIGHT NURSE!!! 

Follow-up Training was Friday. Have I already explained this two or three times? Bear with me... This happens 3-5 weeks after a new batch arrives. It gives us a chance to look them in the eyes, assess progress, hug them as needed and feed them a good meal. They get a short interview. They talk with their fellow batch mates with such many stories to tell already. And a chance to share how they are figuring out their new lives. I have begun to imagine them leaving their anxious families just a few weeks before, and taking those first steps away. What a vulnerable time. I am not supposed to be a 'mother' to them, but I can't stop thinking about the hopes and prayers of their own mothers. I remember well. Seeing this side is the best! What great faith! They are growing at warp speed. Heavenly Father's plan!

One line about the trainers of the above. They make all the difference and hold the most important calling in the mission. We depend on them so very much. Grateful!

We hope you are all safe, well, happy, and making the very most of your family time as Christmas draws near. Thank you for your prayers, emails, and continued cheerleading on our behalf. It means the world to us!

All our love to you!

President and Sister Dahle 

Who wouldn't want to live here?
It might as well be Bedford Falls. 

Her name is Shierrylene. Fun! CTI everywhere!

Drive by sunset

Remote control trike?

Six week old twin brothers! Mother on the left. 
Helping hands on the right.