Monday, May 18, 2015

The heat is on!

Dear Family and Friends,

Our summer is halfway over, and in fact, school is about to start again! It is hot, but for us old folks, not as unbearable as we feared. So gratefully, we are spoiled with air conditioning most of the time, and rarely do we spend large chunks of time outside. However, we earned a point by making it through an entire day at a church during mission president interviews when there was an 8 to 5 brown out. That's Filipino for 'the electricity is off!' No electric fans, no breezes except the man/woman made ones. We have first hand understanding of the value of a hand held fan that you can wave, and the little handkerchief or hand cloth that we all carry for mopping at the sweat! Once again, our hats are off to our missionaries that are out in the heat each and every day, relying on an umbrella to temper the intemperate temperatures. They are amazing!

The interviews take about three weeks to complete, and happen every three months. We have eight zones, so it's a full day eight times. It is thoroughly enjoyable to have those hours with our vibrant and shiny Elders and Sisters. There is some wait time, so they bring their area books and 12 week training books to be worked on and checked by zone leaders. We have English pronunciation practice. Some go out to tract through the surrounding neighborhoods to use part of the afternoon. And we talk, all while President Dahle interviews one by one. It's a huge treat to have them face to face!

Just for a change of pace, two weeks ago we had a phone call asking about our availability to fill in the very next day for a last minute cancellation on the program for a youth conference. It was being held down south at a resort in our mission. It was a two hour time slot! President Dahle said yes! He called his counselor who lives near that venue, and he joined us for a fun morning with a couple hundred teenagers ready to learn about missionary work. And they got it!

Youth conference - testifying and inviting to learn. Practice!

Mothers Day wishes went on and on. Sweet! 

Mothers Day remembrances at the Olongapo 1st branch. 
The roses came from a member's garden. 

We try to get out teaching with our missionaries each week now, and that always provides experiences we need:

  I have taught, even preached, with great energy against drinking soda because it's somewhat counterproductive when it comes to hydration, and that's a very big deal here. I tell them its poison! It's also hard on missionary budgets. I have given tips on how to politely refuse when members and investigators offer them! They struggle to not offend by refusing. I have given more tips! So, because life can be like that, one warm evening recently we were visiting a part member couple with two sister missionaries, when the nonmember wife walks away up the road. Momentarily she returns with four Pepsi's, ice cold with condensation dripping off the newly opened bottles and straws poking out of the top of each one! (A double whammy because we never have gone for the caffeinated ones!) She graciously sets them down in front of each of us. I know Sister Aggasid and Sister Hansen were watching with high interest to see how we would deal with this one!!  Oh we felt the awkwardness! A new layer of sweat broke out as the president and I stammered that we don't drink soda, but thank you so very much for your exceeding great kindness, and how generous of you! Nothing like walking a mile in their shoes! Painful! Then it was the Sister's turn to squirm under my more understanding glances as they meekly sipped away at theirs. I keep forgetting to talk to them about that! It will make a good laugh for us.

 Then, just last Sunday Sister Mercy's husband, Jerry, was given the Melchizedek Priesthood. Within the week, we asked the office Elders if we could go out teaching with them, and they were planning to visit at their home to teach him more about the priesthood. When we arrived, Mercy was really sick. The Elders taught Jerry how to give a priesthood blessing and he proceeded to give her one, most tender and complete. 

How blessed we are!

If you, or anyone you know, is thinking about serving a senior couples mission, we would so welcome you here! It is a wonderful experience. Put out the message as you feel to. Thanks!

Have a wonderful end of May! Thanks for the continuing prayers in our behalf! 


President and Sister Dahle

Anyone want to guess what crop they are proud of in San Marcelino? 
Not marshmallows. :-)

Beauty pageants for children on up are a popular pastime. And parades for the winners are a regular summer event. 
Two nights ago traffic was held up for this version. Beauty knows no age limits!!

Sunset view from an evening walk near our home.