Monday, October 6, 2014

In Their Shoes

Dearest Family and Friends,

October is here and literally the only hint of Halloween is the random single t-shirt worn in a crowd of teenagers the other day that said, "This is my costume". But Christmas continues to gain steam. This week when we had a small delay at the beginning of MLC we sang Christmas hymns to prepare us spiritually! :)

Each day has something miraculous! At temple recommend interviews in Cabalan, there was a darling grandma who had been a member for over thirty years and was just that evening getting her first temple recommend. President Dahle taught her how to do a high five to celebrate. 

First Temple Recommend

Another day we went to do follow up training with one of our newer Sister missionaries and her companion and when we went to take them to their next appointment we got invited along to meet their recent convert. A beautiful and gracious woman. We were invited in! This Sister has a home sewing business that puts out hot pads. She has a serious sewing machine and two employees. How fun to see them in their industry. She was so kind to give us a few to take home, calling the gift an s.r. That stands for simple remembrance. It's a common and lovely practice. 

Visting Recent Converts
We were doing some grocery shopping in the store here that most resembles Costco, and a long time member from Mariveles introduced himself! Coincidence? We met his wife, friend and some other of their neighbors who had all come from there together. He and his wife are newly called area family history missionaries, which is becoming an exciting tool of conversion, retention, and reactivation. We have a trip planned down there for mp interviews next week and so have a dinner invitation! We will plan about connecting them with our missionaries in a powerful joint venture.

Members from Mariveles
Mission Leadership Conference

Finally, this was the week of Mission Leadership Council! It is the day that the mission leadership comes together to council and train together. They are magnificent in their work! They are professionals. They are inspired! And they are a lot of fun. Lunch is served by the incomparable Brother B. and there is an hour when our home if full to overflowing with some of God's greatest.
We love them. The scene of dozens of well worn shoes out on the front entry is my favorite. Their shoes tell a story: each well worn pair carries a son or daughter into daily high adventure in this sacred work. Who would have thought that a pile of footwear could carry such a strong spirit?

We love you! Thank you for your prayers and return messages. 
President and Sister Dahle

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rice Story

Green waves of rice. New favorite color: Philippine Green. 

Emptying bags of rice onto the roadside

Spreading it out to dry. Yes it gets driven on a little. 

And then at days end it gets swept back into the bags.
 We have yet to see the actual act of harvesting, so we will be watching for the missing link.