Saturday, September 6, 2014

What a great week! One for the record books!

Dear All!

What a great week! One for the record books.

Don't worry, you won't get a novel. Just the inside flap.

Elder and Sister Winters are here! This is a very special Senior Missionary Couple from Glendale, Arizona serving their third mission! And Sister Winters is my sister! It's funny to explain it to our Filipino friends because everyone is Sister- not just the missionaries- so we have to add the phrase 'same mother and father'. They are shocked! Try to imagine how it feels to be halfway around the world and suddenly, there is your little big sister and her sweetheart there for the sole purpose of missionary service, however they can, in whatever way they can...and to be a sister. (I hope she realizes this will be part of her work). It definitely calls for high kicks! They are living just up the road for the month of September and will be coming here serving as right and left hand to get some organizational projects completed. Heavenly Father is so very kind!

When we first walked through this house and saw the china cabinet, complete with all the fancy dishes and some stemware, Downton Abby came to mind. But alas, no Downstairs! Friday night the newly formed presidency of the Olongapo mission and their wives came for dinner, and it all came to life at the expert hands of Brother Barangan! What fun! What did we eat? I'm not totally sure, but it was so delicious. We foreigners sat across from the Filipinos and were able to watch and learn how to properly eat each beautiful thing!

Then came Saturday! We had all our Senior Missionaries for a meeting! We have so every much to learn, and their collective wisdom and experience is rich. Again, more is going on than we knew, and they are doing so much good! There was definitely more room at our large table...

And finally, in the evening, we attended a baptism that was long awaited! Along with four others, Sister Mercy's husband, brother Jerry was baptized! Happiest day ever! We have invited ourselves to their temple sealing in approximately one year! They have four children that will join them there. Wahoo!

On Sunday we met Xyk. He is eight and brings himself to church since he lives nearly next door. His baptism is in two weeks. At the end of the meeting block he came to the bench in front of us and got on his knees looking back right into my eyes. He wanted to meet. Then, he saw that I had gum and asked about some 'chiclet'. I shared. We were instant and fast friends. He took my hand and we went in search of my asawa/kasama. It will be fun to watch him for the next three years! Missionary secret: always carry chiclet.

I can't end without a lizard update. As bad as they are at hide and seek, they excel at playing dead. There was one in the kitchen sink that I felt sure was a goner...we were staring at him from inches away! He did not flinch. I don't touch lizards under any circumstances, so we tactfully left the room to give him leave to escape if he was indeed still alive. And he was gone. Wow! That is mature composure!

With love,
President and Sister Dahle

Presidency Dinner