Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Dear Everyone,

That is the best description I have for the last ten days. My oh my. We might be old people! Most days there is way too much to do, so you just get started on the noisiest task. Then keep moving, keep smiling, keep doing, then go to bed. And by the greatest miracle ever its definitely not done, but The Prophet hasn't called to say you have ruined the church, so you go ahead and get up the next day and repeat! Our sneakers are smokin'! Or, our orthotics are wearing thin. :-)

We saw a most precious sight on Instagram this week. Love that technology! It was Eli taking some of his first steps. We have played it over and over, just as we have the dozens of other little videos and pictures we have gotten of our kids and grandkids these past four months. It's my favorite bedtime activity! One daughter commented on the first steps video, that she doesn't "know how Mom can stand to watch this"! It's true that I can just imagine him running into my arms. But in reality, he would probably run away crying to his mommy because he definitely likes her best. Someone told us that we would miss our children way more than they would miss us, and we have been promised that they would be more greatly blessed by our willing service. So, I can stand it, almost always cheerfully. I trust His promises. We see His hand every day.

Yesterday there was a little, bent, 87-year-old sister who is made of spunk and fire, at the front door. She needed her temple recommend renewed! She came here on her own in a jeepney! She reportedly spoke in church last Sunday and waved her finger at the congregation and threw down the gauntlet, "If I can make it to church every week, so can you!" Hooray for enduring examples! 

Sister Spunk and Fire

Brother Jan opened his mission call in our living room! He and some friends, a brother, and his seminary teacher joined him here. He leaves in five weeks for the San Pablo Mission. We are sending out our best!

THE Big White Envelope

It is getting cooler! I can't believe it! We have felt a cool little breeze three times, and the early mornings and night time have a different feel. It's like Fall, maybe. Wahoo! So for future reference, this is a good season for visiting the Philippines! Come for Christmas! Come for a year and a half! Two!

So much love,
President and Sister Dahle

Seasoned Elder on the left greets Brand New Elder on the right. They are cousins! This has happened with another set of cousins before, and will happen again after the new year! FUN!!!

Up at 2:00 am to get on the bus that brings them here. 
They have been oriented and fed. 
Where did that come from?

Messages for today:

Fun ride to church!

Apparently five Miss Universe winners have come from Olongapo! 
Their pictures are on this welcoming arch so you can see for yourself.

Here is the steeple...Orion chapel coming up!

"The traffic is terrific!"