Thursday, December 18, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

Don't be alarmed by the subject line! It's not what you think. 

Today we sent off fourteen perfected and well loved missionaries. We have been here long enough that we have come to know them. We have one-on-one experiences, like a long walk around the hospital neighborhood to stretch the legs of a watching companion. We have inside jokes like, "Just put a cute white belt on it!" There have been jogs around the compound, some fun future prospect conversations, several weird rashes, and a rabid cat bite! (Not really, but that's what the pet owner said. When this sister called, it had been a long day for both of us and at the idea of that on top of everything else we both just laughed like a pair of hyenas.) We had to say goodbye to two of our assistants. One just released today. The other was serving when we came here, and was since called to be a zone leader where he was especially needed. This was Elder Marfori. That was a tearful parting all around. The thought of losing these dear friends has driven me to an extreme length! I can't believe this is me saying it. I'm going to learn how to use Facebook. Uncle!!

As we sat together last night the thought of all that power and experience walking out the door struck me as wasteful! So we asked them to write their very best words of counsel and teaching for the new missionaries that will be sitting in those exact chairs in less than 48 hours. Tonight, as I write, there are thirteen chairs waiting with a very special message of hard earned wisdom waiting just for them. It will fit in their shiny new planners if they choose. Kind of like the famous last words so plentifully given in the Book of Mormon!

Going home

Wisdom waiting to be passed on.

The next batch and recipients of the 'wisdom'! They are going to be great!

Three sets of parents came here to scoop up their daughters. You can imagine!

Oh! The storm was a spring shower accompanied by a soft fall breeze. We still had some 'refugees' for the night who cheerfully completed two giant projects that I needed help with! The Christmas gift bags are loaded and the vitamins are packaged for the next six months! I will remember this good trick! 

Last weekend we attended District Conference in Santa Cruz. It's about a three hour drive up to the top of the mission. So instead of coming all the way home Saturday night and going back in the morning we stayed in a hotel there, which just happens to be on a beautiful beach. It was dark, but there was a wedding celebration ending and we watched as they sent off those lanterns that burn and float up and out over the ocean! The morning view was amazing! The hours in between left us wishing the management would decide if they were a live rock band dance hall or a hotel. The drummer helped President Dahle stay alert while he worked on the transfer till 2:00 am. And I have test driven my orange earplugs with double pillow coverage. So funny! Miraculously we woke rested and cheerful! And the conference was a joy!

New missionaries in ten hours! Can't wait to meet them!

Thank you for your many prayers around the storm. We were so blessed. And now we have a tried emergency plan which also gives us great comfort.

We love you so dearly,
President and Sister Dahle

Down time part of transfer day:

Matching up new missionaries with their trainers:
Anxiously waiting to see who will be training them for the next six weeks.

Opening the envelopes containing the name and picture of their assigned trainee.

First conversation of many. A life changing friendship begins.

Alarming! It can run twenty miles an hour! 
I clocked it while running screaming from the room. 
President and the Elders had a little challenge evicting him by way of spider heaven. 

Alarm clock. With no off button. 
Maybe Snooze. 

Seen in passing: