Monday, March 23, 2015

School is Out for Summer!

Dear Family and Friends,

Heavenly Father is kind. Considering our blessings more carefully has become a blessing in and of itself. And as we have talked to our children this week they have mentioned the blessings that have been coming to them, and realizing the source. He does watch over us in our extremities and in our peace. And the pendulum does swing, does it not? But He is always there.

The March returning missionaries. 
 Almost since we came here, we have been watching the calendar in mixed fear and awe as the enormous ‘March Transfer’ came closer and closer. Twenty-three out, twenty-five in. Great and terrible. Great because 23 steady and prepared returning missionaries are heading out to continue making a difference, now in their own and future families. They will now build and strengthen their home wards and branches! Great because we have been here and worked with them long enough to get to know them more than any group so far. Sister Gorringe says it just gets harder and harder to tell them goodbye. Truth! That’s the terrible part. But then, less than 24 hours later we are at the bus stop greeting 25 new fellow missionaries! Great!

Sister Hausia and Sister Salelesi. These were the very first missionaries who did practice teaching at zone meeting with me. Their combination of warmth and hilarious sense of humor opened doors and softened some hard hearts. We miss them!

We hired a jeepney to haul the overload of luggage to the bus station. 
Say hello to a real live legendary jeepney driver! 
One last photo
 Want to hear a wild fact? Three of our returned missionaries are already married and three more are engaged! Those are the ones we know of. How can this be?

Last Monday morning there was an early knock at the door. A young American couple was standing there with a big suitcase and expectant smiles! My mind was reeling, grasping for the meaning, and what I could possibly have forgotten to write on my calendar! When they introduced themselves a vague remembrance about some Brother named Miller bringing donations of white shirts! A whole suitcase full! Brother Miller was Elder Miller here in this mission about ten years ago, and he was bringing his wife back on the dreamed of vacation to see the people and places of those treasured missionary days. They had contacted their home ward, stake, and seminary classes at the high school where he teaches, to gather shirts to be given to our missionaries who are in need. Won’t we have fun giving these out! And many of our Elders will have a fresh look and an extra day before the wash tub is needed again. Thank you to the Millers and all those that contributed!

The amazing Millers! We are so grateful!
 Coincidentally, our Elder Staheli was one of his high school students, and Brother Miller delightedly delivered a package directly from the hands of this Elder’s mother! How perfect!

After the wildness of that transfer, and the surrounding activities, I admit to letting the thought linger in my head that it might be nice to get certifiably sick so I could just disappear into bed for a couple of days and rehab my wiped out body and soul. Zinger! Nothing serious, but enough. Beware the idle thoughts! And sick missionaries. :-)

I also admit to rereading Little Women while languishing. Did you know you have to read Good Wives to get them all married off? I had forgotten. It stopped at a ridiculous place! Oh Louisa May!

Preparing for two senior couples arriving in the next two weeks! The Gardners and the Woods. Christmas in March! No, that states it too mildly. WAHOOOOOO!!

And yes, summer is here. School is out.

So much love,
President and Sister Dahle

Old shoes and new have a story to tell. They will walk side by side for the next six weeks. 
They are here!
Instructions from President Dahle. 
Trainers on the left open the envelope revealing who they will train. Then the rush!
Anticipation about to be relieved. 

Sister Laguerta knows! (Chismiz is like gossip.)

The Street Where We Live