Thursday, April 30, 2015

Some Water Under the Bridge

Dear Family and Friends,

These letters have become twice monthly! Have you noticed? But that means zone conferences, Mission Presidents Seminar and a transfer can all occur in that 2.2 week period! How can we possibly tell about all of that?! And who would want to hear it?!!

I will say that we are grateful every day for the experiences we are having. The time with the groups of missionaries is always great! The Mission Presidents Seminar was timely and inspiring. We loved seeing our batch mates and having conversations that include how everyone else is doing this part and that! So helpful, and really good fun!

This transfer brought the change we have been eying since June 29, 2014 when we learned the uncomfortable news that our office couple, the Gorringes, would be leaving us in April, 2015. It seemed a safe distance away at the time, and like we might have learned enough to function without their experienced help by then. Ready or not, the day came and they went! We have loved and appreciated them with all our hearts! Their replacements are the Winters. I feel sure you know it, but just in case not, I will mention that Sister Winters is my SISTER! She and her sweetie pie, Elder Winters, will be across the parking lot officially now, keeping all things running smoothly and being family. We are so appreciative of them!

Sister Winters getting one more key from Sister Gorringe. 
Just one more question before you go! 
Selfie with the outgoing sisters. 
Here they are. The new. The brave. 
That magic moment!
Ready to go!

Speaking of miracles and tender mercies, have I ever talked about all the little everyday miracles? Case in point: Just the other day, a sister missionary and I were conversing by text about the expensive but necessary medicine she had just tried to buy but didn't have enough money for. She had gone home without it and no way to get it. I suggested to her that maybe the senior missionary couple in her zone, the Woods, could be asked to drive over and help her out if they weren't too far away. She then texts back,"They are in our house right now Sister!" I termed this a little miracle, but I'd like to upgrade it to mid size! And for the sister with the wild rash, super size!  Hooray for senior couples! They work miracles regularly!

And another. This one took a little longer, but as a result produced some sweet side miracles along the way.  About the end of January Sister Benesa was knocked off her bike when a car hit her kickstand.  No bones broken, but nerve damage paralyzed her foot. After trying everything we possibly could here, she was medically released to go home and get well, for what was possibly a six month recovery time.  After only two and a half months she is back! What a happy reunion we had!  She is one spunky little Sister who really knows why she is here, and appreciates it more than most!

There are signs all around that it is summer! And you thought we had summer year round? Not so! Firstly, preparations are under way for rainy season. Construction of drains and large pipelines being buried along roadsides. More rice fields are brown and now the last patches of rice are spread along the roadsides to dry. There are lots of school supplies in The National Bookstore. The thermometer is getting redder in the face. It's mango season! There are school age kids out on the basketball court here any time of the day. Youth conferences are also in season. Night basketball and volleyball tournaments are held between the branches in Olongapo, although, these occur occasionally all throughout the year. Also year round are myriads of flowering plants - everywhere! Palm trees! We forgot to miss the snow. Dennis remembered often that he wasn't shoveling it. Gleeful!

One stray rainstorm last week brought out hoards of flying ants, which brought out hoards of frogs! Where have they been hiding?! That evening, like sentinels, seven of them gathered solemnly at our front entry to admire and snack on the swarming insect fest that the porch light attracted. It was like running the gauntlet to get into the house! And the next day? Gone!! Gladly.

And finally, as I made my way up the stairs tonight after quite a long day, our largest and boldest lizard showed up on the wall at my shoulder and called it a race to the top! He won! I wasn't ready! The nerve.

We love you and thank you for your prayers and encouragement. We have needed them!

President and Sister Dahle

Looking just a little brown in places. 
Pause in the shade to discuss a concern of one of their investigators. 
We were out teaching with Elders Otod and Salapunen.  
District meeting in the mission home. 
The Plan of Salvation of course! Sister Manilingan style!
Night games
Gua Gua Branch missionaries! 
No caption needed. 

Who could turn away these three?!