Monday, July 11, 2016

July, the Beginning of the Lasts

Dear Family and Friends,

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain! If you have checked the weather report lately, this won’t be news to you! A southwest monsoon has turned on the faucet and we can’t seem to turn it off! There are those who are great with constant rainfall…the white duck swimming around in the newly formed pond beside the mission home, and the neighbor kids out in their little yellow boat. Then there are the frogs! Less impressed are the two apartments of elders that had to move to higher ground. The water has risen inch by inch over the last three days, so nothing dangerous, just soggy!! We did see a mud slide packing a tree with it, as it came across the road in our rearview mirror… glad we left home 2 seconds earlier rather than 2 seconds later! It looked like the upper branches made their way into our lane, but happily only enough to scratch but not dent those behind us.
Traffic cop says turn around and go back the other way. Flooding!
Rising water
Oh the green!
Can you spy the yellow boat?
And a very pleased duck?

In other news, last week we enjoyed an amazing luau organized by the elders in the Calapacuan branch. We have one of our Samoan elders, Elder Ah Fua, that knows how to make it happen. He can do everything from roasting the pig to teaching all the island dances, and he did! Each auxiliary and the elders quorum presented a dance from a different island, and there was food to go with each one! It was like being back at the PCC! And the branch participation was huge! Activation and branch unity goals? Check! Double check!

Now for history-in-the-making news! President and Sister Ardern came for our last and their last mission tour in the Philippines! They have been given a new assignment after five years of serving in our area presidency and will be leaving at the end of this month. It was also our third and last mission tour, and it knocked our socks off! The Arderns are GREAT teachers and were completely inspired as to how to bless us, and our work. Just the boost we needed to help us as we move into our last year.

The six week cycle continues to spin! Its so short in-between that we can hardly catch our breath before Dennis is planning the next transfer! It’s amazing how the time is flying by. We are building quite a treasure of what we hope are life-long friends, so as hard as it is to say goodbye, that part is wildly joyful! It will be lovely in years to come to associate with them without worrying about their haircuts or if they are getting up on time! We have been told our success as mission president and wife will be measured in the lives of their children and grandchildren, so the long view is fixed in our sights as well. We teach to begin with the end in mind. Not just the end of their mission, but way beyond!!

Thanks again and always for your prayers in our behalf! We know you include our magnificent and marvelous missionaries and the miracles we are all striving to make! 

We love you!

President and Sister Dahle

Assistants to the president. 
Elder Leakehe and Elder Tequillo

Day out with the sisters!

Apartment visit to check on Elder Garrett freshly out of the hospital. 
These are two members of the Iba District presidency. Young returned missionaries make for vibrant leadership. 
The good looking guy in the middle also keeps things vibrant!

The little girl in pink was really interested in being friends! 
Kept coming back and using her English, which was surprisingly good, thankfully!

Sweet wife of Castillejos former branch president. Cutest baby!

Sometimes the scenes in passing just have to be captured.